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Company Profile

Over the past 22 years Tortel has grown from humble beginnings to become a premier supplier of Telecom Solutions through a diverse group of companies. We are an “ISO-9001:2008” qualified company for our large array of products and services.

Next Generation Business IP Telephony Services and Products

Tortel, through our group of companies, offers next generation IP Telephony services and products to business client’s right across North America. We also support a strong base of resellers throughout Canada. As a result we provide IP Telephony solutions to a wide spectrum of business customers, as well as agents and partners.

Tortel Offers Exceptional Telecom Repair & Refurbishing Services

We are a leading provider of Remanufactured Telecommunications Equipments and provide our customers with high quality results that exceed expectations. These services include:

  • Repair and Remanufacturing for most types of Telecommunication Equipment

  • Sell all Nortel Parts and Phone Equipment

  • Remanufacturing for Photocopier/Fax Equipment

  • Plastic Recoating/Refinishing using our unique Refinishing System

About Us

Other Services Provided By Tortel

  • Distribution and Logistics for major manufactures

  • White Label Solution for Resellers

  • Broadsoft Consulting

  • Deployment Solution

  • Installation Services including Wiring & Cabling

  • Training

  • Maintenance

  • Pay-Telephone Services (Installation/Repair/Maintenance)